Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology. National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine

 Department of General and Molecular Pathophysiology

Tetiana Lapikova-Bryhinska



Date of birth: 30 Aug 1986

Contact phone: +380936425043,


Work phone: +380442562481.


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   National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv

   ESC “Institute of biology”


2010 - Master program at ESC “Institute of Biology” of the National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv;


2011 – 2014: PhD Student Department of General and molecular Pathophysiology A.A. Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences Kiev, Ukraine;




2014 – Present: Junior Researcher in Bogomolets Institute of Physiology Department of General and molecular Pathophysiology.


Professional skills:


Western-blotting - 5 years of experience. Polymerase Chain Reaction - 3 years of experience.


Measurement of cardiac function using pressure–volume conductance catheter technique in mice and rats - 4 years of experience.


Biochemical techniques - 5 years of experience. Oration at the conferences - 4 years of experience.


The analysis of foreign publications - 5 years of experience.


Writing research and popular scientific papers - 3 years of experience.





English (good), Ukrainian and Russian (Mother tongues)



Scientific interests:

Molecular mechanisms of cardiac hypertrophy, IGF1.





-  Frontiers in CardioVascularBiology 2014 (Barcelona, Spain, 04 - 06 Jul 2014)


-  ISHR Heart Failure 2012 (Beograd, Serbia, may 2012)



Publications list:


1.    Portnychenko A.H., T.Yu. Lapikova-Bryhinska, M.I.Vasylenko, H.V. Portnichenko, L.N. Maslov, O.O. Moibenko. Cardiachypoxic remodeling and preconditioning impact on proteinkinase B (Akt) expression in left and right heart ventricles // InternationalJournal of Physiology and Pathophysiology, (2014). 5(4).


2.    Portnychenko A, T Lapikova-Bryginska, M Vasylenko, V Portnichenko and O Moibenko. Cardioprotective signaling in preconditioned and hypertrophied heart. Cardiovasc Res (2014) 103 (suppl 1): S66-S67.


3.    A. Portnychenko, T. Lapikova-Bryhinska, M. Vasylenko, H. Portnichenko. Hypoxic cardiac remodeling changes cardioprotective signaling // International


Conference “Advances in Pneumology”. – Welichka, Poland, October 17-18, 2014.


4.    A.G. Portnychenko, M. I. Vasylenko, T. Yu. Lapikova-Bryginska, O.O. Moybenko. Signal ways of hypoxia induced myocardial protection //


International Conference “Advances in Pneumology”. – Kassel, Germany, October 25-26, 2013


5.    Portnychenko A., Moybenko O., Vasylenko M., Lapikova-Bryginska T. Late preconditioning or bioflavonoid treatment prevent up-regulation of 5-lipoxygenase expression and translocation in left and right heart ventricles after ischemia and reperfusion // Heart Failure 2012.- Belgrad, Serbia, 19-22 May 2012, P980. – European Journal of Heart Failure Supplements, 2012, 11, S1. – P. S175.


6.    Lapikova- Bryginska T. Y., Goncharov S. V., Portnichenko G. V., Tumanovska L. V., Portnuchenko A. G., Dosenko V. E., Moybenko O. O. CHANGE OF STRUCTURE AND HEART FUNCTION IN SPONTANEOUSLY HYPERTENSIVE RATS DURING AGING // Bulletin of morphology– 2014,


№ 2.






Hobbies and interests: travel, music.

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