Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology. National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine

 Department of General and Molecular Pathophysiology

Bohdan Kysilov

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09.2013 - 07.2015

Master program at ESC “Institute of Biology” of the National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv; graduated with honors. GPE: 90.4/100

09.2009 - 07.2015

Bachelor program at ESC “Institute of Biology” of the National Taras   Shevchenko University of Kyiv; graduated with honors. GPE: 90.1/100

Professional skills

·       Electrophysiological methods: EEG

·       Cell cultivation skills: eukaryotic and bacterial cell cultures handling, transfection and nucleofection ,transformation.

·       Animal experimental methods: PFA intracardiac perfusion, stereotaxic surgery.

·       Microscopy: single-cell Ca2+ fluorescence microscopy, selective plane illumination microscopy, basic skills of transmission electron microscopy imaging and sample preparation, SeeDB and CLARITY sample clearing techniques

·       Molecular biology skills: vector design: primers design, digestions, ligations, ,vector design, digestions, ligations, transformation, plasmid transfection, DNA and RNA extraction, reverse transcription, real-time PCR, DNA gel analysis.

·       Computer skills: statistical analysis (Origin, Statistica); basic skills of image analysis (ImageJ).

Languages: English (good), Russian and Ukrainian (native speaker)

Practical experience


 09. 2015 – present          PhD at Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology of NASU, Department of General and Molecular Pathophysiology". Project topic: “The effect of experience on spatial maze tasks on epigenetic and transcriptional profile of rats”

10.2013 – 07.2015        Master project at Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology of NASU,  Department of General and Molecular Pathophysiology" Project topic: " Reserch of dividual activation of IRE1α, PERK and ATF6-initiated unfolded protein response pathways in modeling of hypercholesterolemia in SHR".

06.2012 - 10.2013        Bachelor project at Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology of NASU,Department of General Physiology of  Nervous System Project topic: "Сhanges in сalcium homeostasis in cultured hippocampal rat neurons under beta-amyloid treatment".

12.2010 - 06.2012        Research project at Laboratory of Brain Physiology and Psychophysiology of ESC «Institute of Biology». Project topic "Features of human EEG during performance of different parts of Amthauer test".





19-24.09.2013              Participation in the Annual Undergraduate International School in Biomedical Sciences “Calcium Signaling Health and Disease”, Kiev, Ukraine.

05-30.08.2013              Participation in the IMB ISS “Dynamics of Gene Regulation, Epigenetics and DNA Damage Response”, Mainz, Germany. Project topic: "Doxycycline-inducible transgene expression mediated by a single AAV vector".

09-12.04.2013              Participation in 1st International Interdisciplinary School "Knowledge Edge"; theme:"Mathematical Modeling in Biomedical Science", Kiev, Ukraine.


16.06 -05.09.2014        Participation in the ISTernship internship program, Klosterneuburg, Austria. Project topic: “Analysis of motor learning caused quantitative changes in parallel fiber- Purkinje synapses with SeeDB and CLARITY optical clearing methods”


§  The VIIIst International Scientific Conference for students and PhD students “Youngh and progress in biology”, April, 3-6, 2012, Lviv, Ukraine;

§  VIth International Scientific Conference “Physiological and visceral functions in norm and pathology ”, October 9-11, 2012, Kyiv, Ukraine.


1)     Kysilov B.A., Filimonova N.B. Activity of  head brain of men during performance of subtest of logical selection of Amthauer test on multiple intelligences. // Scientific Notes of Taurida VI Vernadsky National University. – Series: Biology, chemistry. – 2012. – Vol. 25 (64), No 4. – Р 78-81. (Articled in Russian)

Social activities:

§  Volunteer at Nature Protection Squad Green Future

§  Mentor at “Connect Ukrainians”

§  Founder and active participant of molecular neuroscience journal club for students



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