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Our major research interest is to understand the molecular mechanisms of diseases, especially, of cardiovascular ones. We use experimental systems of different levels – from isolated organelles to whole organism, and a wide range of methods: registration of cardiohemodynamics, biochemical reactions, immunofluorescence and electron microscopy, RNA interference, qPCR, single-cell RT PCR, and many others. We use these approaches to understand cardiovascular pathology and to develop new therapeutic agents. Additionally, we perform population, functional, sports genetics, and pharmacogenetics studies. Our group of data scientists applies advanced methods of data analysis (MDR, random forest, and others) to get more valuable results from our experimental data. Our friendly team is open to collaboration!

<a href=Victor Dosenko" />

Victor Dosenko

Head of Department
MD PhD DrSc Professor

<a href=Ruslan Strutynskyi" />

Ruslan Strutynskyi

Leading Researcher
MSc PhD DrSc

<a href=Angela Shysh" />

Angela Shysh

Group Leader

<a href=Tetiana Drevytska" />

Tetiana Drevytska

Senior Researcher

<a href=Vasyl Nagybin" />

Vasyl Nagybin

Senior Researcher

<a href=Denis Pashevin" />

Denis Pashevin


<a href=Dmytro Stroy" />

Dmytro Stroy


<a href=Zoya Serebrovska" />

Zoya Serebrovska

MSc, PhD

<a href=Anna Zhukovska" />

Anna Zhukovska


<a href=Lesya Tumanovska" />

Lesya Tumanovska


<a href=Oksana Klymenko" />

Oksana Klymenko


<a href=Sergii Goncharov" />

Sergii Goncharov

Junior Researcher

<a href=Tetiana Lapikova-Bryhinska" />

Tetiana Lapikova-Bryhinska

Junior Researcher

Roman Rovenets

Roman Rovenets

Scientific Engineer

Oleg Svarychevskiy

Oleg Svarychevskiy

Scientific Engineer

<a href=Georgii Portnichenko" />

Georgii Portnichenko

PhD Student

<a href=Roman Morhachov" />

Roman Morhachov

Masters Student, Engineer

Michael Khetsuriani

Michael Khetsuriani

PhD student


Methods and techniques


Measurement of cardiac function using pressure–volume conductance catheter technique in mice and rats

Evaluation of hemostatic dressing in a groin puncture model in swine

The flexiVent is widely regarded as the gold standard for in vivo lung function measurements

Animal models of athero- and arteriosclerosis, arterial hypertension, myocardial infarction, hypetrophy of heart, diabetes mellitus, acid-base imbalance, denervation, acute hemorrhage, etc; fresh tumor cells inoculation (transplantaition) to rat, mice)

Restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis

Culture of neonatal cardiomyocytes


Real-time PCR 

Electron and Fluorescence microscopic techniques (determination of apoptosis, necrosis, autophagy etc)

Single-cell reverse transcription real-time PCR

Enzymes’ activity determination using specific chromogenic and fluorogenic substrates (activities of proteasome, caspases, cathepsins, elastase, thrombin, plasmin, MMP, NOS, etc.)


Immunohistochemical using specific monoclonal antibodies (immuno-fluorescent method) and specific fluorescent dyes.

Determination of histone acetylation status by chromatin immunoprecipitation

Fractionation of cells and subcellular particles using Percoll


Statistic analysis


Our Software


SNIP`ka is a specialized software developed and designed by Dmytro Stroy for statistical data analysis in science


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